The Story of Alumiar Elísio

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At Alumiar Elísio we believe that everyone can learn translation. We are heavily passionate about teaching translation and our mission is to help people learn and become better translators.

Here you will be able to improve your translation skills. It doesn’t matter if you are a passionate about languages, a translation student or a professional translator.

Our content focuses on several translation aspects, as well as other relevant expertise fields for translators, such as terminology, proofreading, linguistics, among others.

Thus, Alumiar Elísio aims to simplify and speed up the training process of translators, as well as underlie skills and knowledge previously acquired.

Founding & Purpose

Alumiar Elísio was created and conceived by Micael and Mónica in 2019, the same year we finished our Translation degree at University of Aveiro, Portugal.

But ultimately, what prompted the creation of Alumiar Elísio? Which ideals sparked the desire to create Alumiar Elísio? We can sum them up in five simple aspects:

  • Share our growth, as well as valuable skills and knowledge acquired throughout our Translation degree and Master in Specialised Translation.

  • Create valuable, didactic and relevant content about translation and other related fields of expertise.

  • Have a project that would allow us to show off the skills and knowledge acquired and, subsequently, attract potential clients and opportunities.

  • Build relationships with other translators, translation students and those passionate about languages.

  • Emphasize the importance of the translator and their work in the global village where we live today, while also reinforcing the value of translations done by competent professionals, with the right set of skills and knowledge. Otherwise, the outcomes can be disastrous and compromise all the work.

Concept & Logo

Group of people doing a brainstorming

Initially, Alumiar Elísio began with us sharing translation content in Portuguese. However, our ambition is to reach as many people as possible.

After a long brainstorming, we agreed that “Alumiar Elísio” was the name that matched the characteristics of our project better.

“Alumiar Elísio” represents not what we do as translators, but our ideals, the position that we want to take and how we want our project to be perceived.

Alumiar – guide; accompany or follow with light.

Elísio – in classical mythology, the dwelling place of virtuous people and heroes after death.

By this time, it is likely you already understand the concept behind Alumiar Elísio: to guide heroes [readers/translators] that dwell [visit] in Alumiar Elísio.

Having this in mind, the logo is worth a thousand words. A pencil with a galea, also known as “Roman helmet”, which is also a symbol of classical culture.

The pencil and the galea can be perceived in several ways, including:

  • The power of written language, communication and the ability to transfer the value of our words into a physical support, regardless of it being digital or not.

  • The recognition that every translator deserves. Some galeas completely covered the face of the warrior – it is time to forge galeas that properly highlight the warrior’s face, don’t you think?

When it comes to colors, namely the red and the yellow, these reflect the bravery, the passion, the energy, the confidence and the pride that all translators carry in their hearts.

Lastly, the classical symbols, both in the logo and in the website’s name, represent the culture and knowledge that a translator needs in order to properly perform their functions. After all, translators without culture are like Sisifus: it doesn’t matter how much they translate, they will never achieve a satisfiable translation.

Our Voice

A boy and a girl talking to microphones

At Alumiar Elísio we use simple, informal and easy to understand language. We chose to write it this way because we believe that, by doing so, the “digestion” of the content becomes lighter, more pragmatic and more interesting. Furthermore, it also enables a feeling and an environment of closeness between Alumiar Elísio and the reader. 

Last but not least, we love to know the names and the stories of each and every one of you. Despite it being humanly impossible, we will do our best. At the end of the day, we are a group of people debating and talking about a passion we all share, in a relaxed and open environment.

Our Presence

A man surrounded of social media

Alumiar Elísio is still a recent project, but our goal is to spread it to other platforms, besides the website itself.

In addition to the blog, we also have our Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, where we regularly post valuable content. On there, you can find brief reflexions, useful tips, observations, curiosities, among others. Most of the time, you will find light, short and easy to understand content, but extremely important content! This content will always be accompanied by images and, occasionally, video.

You can also use these platforms to get in touch with us, spark a conversation or simply follow our journey and keep up to date with our content.

Having said that, our main goal is to regularly and consistently update all of our platforms with distinct content.
In the future, we intend to broaden our online presence and even bring our community closer.

The future will be the one to dictate our path but, for our curious warriors, among those future projects are the creation of a comment section within the blog and a group where all our readers can discuss and share ideas.

Finally, if you got this far, congratulations! Please, follow us on the abovementioned social media to help us boost our online presence, so that, in the future, we are able to create other ways of interacting with our community, and the other way around.

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This page will be updated whenever Alumiar Elísio undergoes relevant changes or updates.

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